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By Matthew Paolini -- Unfortunately, with the huge volume of business that the port does, air pollution remains a big issue. Hefty container ships running on highly polluting bunker fuel idle at the docks because they have no ability to utilize shore-generated electricity. Diesel semis and locomotives idle while they sit and wait to be loaded and unloaded. An local air quality regulatory agency did a study that found that air pollution from the port is responsible... more

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Anti Slip Resin Floors - A Primer

By Shaun Parker -- Once the first primer coat has been rolled down, the selected aggregate is scattered into it. Dependent upon how much anti-slip is required, the size and distribution of the additive will be varied. The choice of additive also varies from Bauxite and granite which are both exceptionally hard wearing, to marble and carborundum, which both offer decorative effects. Once the scatter has taken place, the primer should be left to cure. A top sealer coat... more

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By Camille Howe -- In a larger workplace such as a stock house or factory, and even in smaller facilities, one of the biggest problems that face employers is installing a cost effective heating system that adequately balances the needs of employees with the financial and environmental concerns of energy usage in the workplace. In many workplaces, the best answer to the question of providing cost effective heating... more

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Beam-steered Laser Marking of Plastics

By Rick Stevenson -- Beam-steered Nd:YAG (Neodymium:Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) laser marking provides a unique combination of speed, permanence, and imaging versatility in a noncontact marking process. Laser marking can generate considerable savings in reduced manufacturing and tooling costs; elimination of secondary processes and consumable disposal; and reduced inventory expense, quality-control costs, and maintenance downtime. Laser marking frequently improves the aesthetic appearance of the marking image, thereby increasing the product's perceived value... more

An Introduction to Shrink Wrapping Covering Applications as well as Materials and Machinery

By Richard Jankel -- Essentially, material is produced such that molecules are stretched as part of the manufacturing process. When this material is subjected to heat, the elastic memory of the plastic is activated, causing the material to shrink around the product. This is a traditional division between packaging for transit and packaging for display, whilst the latter has a further division into food and non-food applications. The key to the application of shrink wrap for transit is cost... more